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1957 DeSotos at the 3D picnic, Chagrin Falls, OH, August 11, 2012

Lorraine and I drove our Adventurer coupe to this wonderful event, despite the cold, windy, and misty conditions.  I think the weather was the reason more DESOTOS didn't attend, but the regular crew of DeSoto OWNERS still made it!  There were 3 1957 cars there -- our Adventurer, and the beautiful cars of Dave Vershall and Pat Caffey.  Although 3 57's isn't a lot, it's still a pretty good showing for a local event like this.  Larry Cola was there but without his '57 Firedome, and Joe Starc was having some brake work done on his '57 Fireflite.  Also, Leon Haddix was there, but as noted last year, he sold his fantastic '57 Firesweep to Neal and Rosemary Stolowich from Kentury (so it wasn't there, either!).  We also were very happy to meet J. T. Vawter, a 1957 owner "want-to-be", and avid lover of these cars.

If you'd like more information on attending these great picnics, email me!



Here are the 3 '57's lined up!

Here is our Adventurer 2-dr HT...

Here is Dave Vershall's 2-dr Fireflite HT...


Here is Pat Caffey's 2-dr Fireflite HT...

  And here is me leaving (in the background, DeSotophiles will see a '56 and a '58!)


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