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Pictures of 1957 DeSotos from the National DeSoto Club convention, Waldorf, Maryland, July 2007

The highlight of this year's convention, in my opinion, was the wonderful guided tour of Washington DC. Perhaps the fear of congestion around the area and the high gasoline prices kept some folks away. There were only 3 1957's in attendance! (There were PEOPLE there who own 1957 DeSotos, but only 3 CARS.)

(Click on pics to enlarge.)

I had my Adventurer there!
Ed Petrus' Adventurer Ed Petrus' Adventurer

This is Donnie George's Firesweep from Indiana!
Donnie George's Firesweep Donnie George's Firesweep

John Pulver trailered his 1957 Firedome 4-dr HT (in Adventurer colors) from California! John Pulver's Firedome 4-dr HT John Pulver's Firedome 4-dr HT

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