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Pictures of 1957 DeSotos from the National DeSoto Club convention, St. Catharines, Ontario, July 2005

This convention was centered in the beautiful Niagra Falls area, and my wife Lorraine and I had a WONDERFUL time! This year, we only took one car, our newly-restored Adventurer! Although we made it TO Canada and FROM Canada, we blew a tube in the radiator core the day of the show while IN Canada! I was a block from the show, but not with the other DeSotos. We ended up taking the radiator out, making some emergency repairs, and have since had a new core installed!

There were not many 1957 cars there, much to my disappointment. However, here are some pics of those who WERE there.

(Click on pics to enlarge.)

Here is Bruce McMullen’s beautiful Adventurer! It’s for sale (email me for contact information). It has a nice body and is a sharp car, but the engine is from a Firedome.
Bruce McMullen’s Adventurer Bruce McMullen’s Adventurer Bruce McMullen’s Adventurer

This car belongs to Joe White. He and his wife Gloria have a fleet of beautiful DeSotos!
Joe White’s Firedome Joe White’s Firedome

Garry Yazell and his wife Mickey enjoy this beautiful 1957 Firedome.
Garry Yazell’s Firedome Garry Yazell’s Firedome

Eugene Lehman had his fabulous Fireflite CONVERTIBLE on hand. What a great car!
Eugene Lehman’s Fireflite Convertible Eugene Lehman’s Fireflite Convertible

Here’s MY car, in the middle of some radiator surgery.
Ed Petrus’ Adventurer Ed Petrus’ Adventurer

This customized Firedome showed up briefly, but I don’t know who the owner may be.
an unknown customized Firedome an unknown customized Firedome Back to Ed Petrus' Home Page