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Here are more great pics (page 13) of 1957 DeSotos. This is the page I will keep updating with the newest pictures I take or obtain. Keep checking back for more! If you have a 1957 DeSoto pic you'd like me to post, email me! Enjoy!

Click on pics to enlarge...

Clifton Haggard's Firedome Convertible Marc Wallack's Fireflite Sportsman Luis Zuluaga's Diplomat Antto Kurri's Fireflite David Lynn's Fireflite David Hosking's Australian Firedome Cecil Moore's Adventurer Lynn Dunsworth's Adventurer Don Haugen's Fireflite Bob Brasse's incredible Fireflite limo! Eelco Hoek's Firesweep in the Netherlands Alfredo Brener's Adventurer Kent Johansson's Fireflite 4-dr HT in Sweden Pat Caffey's Fireflite Franklin Heck's Firedome Jack Ivany's Firedome Jeffrey Bernard's Adventurer, currently being restored Bob Lichty's Firesweep Sportsman 2-dr HT Jim Dawalt's Firesweep Sedan Don Haack's Firedome Bo-Goren Frantz's Fireflite Gary Yazell's Firedome sedan Ulf Matilainen's Swedish Firesweep Steve Mason's Fireflite (lots of good parts, or restore this -- email me for info) Heiko Ludwig's Firedome sedan in Germany Ron Sladek's Fireflite sedan Back to Ed Petrus' Home Page