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Pictures of 1957 DeSotos from the National DeSoto Club convention, Frankenmuth, Michigan, August 2, 2003

My wife Lorraine and I attended this wonderful event. Frankenmuth is 329 miles from our home, but we drove both of our 1957 DeSotos. Enjoy the pictures, but try to see these beautiful cars "in person" if you can! Click to enlarge each preview.

By the way, also attending without their 1957 DeSotos were Linda Glaue, David Kirkel, Joe and Gloria White, Dean Mullinax, Ray Nelson, Bill Schoeller, Terry and Jane ? (who brought their 1959 DeSoto only), Dave and "Sis" Bruner (who brought their 1958 DeSoto) and Roger Labrash.

Barry and Jane Tosh's Firedome Sportsman another pic of Barry and Jane Tosh's Firedome Sportsman Donnie George's Firesweep Sportsman Eugene Lehman's Fireflite convertible another pic of Eugene Lehman's Fireflite convertible George Wuszke's Adventurer Gary Yazell's Firedome sedan another pic of Gary Yazell's Firedome sedan Octie Ham's Firesweep Sportsman Sheldon Weisler's Firedome sedan another pic of Sheldon Weisler's Firedome sedan Richard Porter's Fireflite Sportsman another pic of Richard Porter's Fireflite Sportsman Richard Werner's Adventurer Some of the 1957 lineup (with our Fireflite and Firedome in the foreground Back to Ed Petrus' Home Page