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Here are more great pics (page 12) of 1957 DeSotos. If you have a 1957 DeSoto pic you'd like me to post, email me! Enjoy!

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Lee Thomas' Firedome A mostly original Firesweep (except for the wheelcovers) A Firesweep A nice Firesweep Roger Labrash's Firedome sedan Joe White's Firedome Sportsman A nice Firesweep in Germany Jim Mikolajczak's Adventurer Dave Reynolds' Firedome sedan (I have more pics of this car if you want to see them) David Bruner's Adventurer Giorgio Souza's Brazilian Adventurer, under restoration Giorgio Souza's Brazilian Adventurer (NOTE SPEEDO IN KM/HR!!! A Firedome Sportsman at the Wangamata Beach Hop in New Zealand A Firedome Sportsman (for sale 10-2004-- email me if interested) A Firedome Sportsman A Fireflite Shopper wagon in Sweden A Fireflite Shopper wagon in Sweden '57 DeSoto pictures, page 13 Back to Ed Petrus' Home Page